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    Assistance needed: SAML SSO + Jetty

    Eric Wittmann Apprentice

      I'm trying to get a SAML SSO sample running in Jetty 7.  I've made some progress based on the documentation, but am a little stuck at the moment.  I have an IDP and an SP currently, but am getting the following error in the IDP when logging in:


        java.lang.RuntimeException: PL00092: Null Value:Destination is null


      I have created a sample app on github that is easy to run:




      You can run it like this:


        git clone git@github.com:EricWittmann/karaf-picketlink-test.git

        mvn package -Pjetty


      Any help is appreciated.  Once this is running in Jetty 7 the hope is to get it running in karaf...


      NOTE: you can log in as any username you want with any password you want