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    table inheritance - postgresql & Hibernate

    Balaji sengeni Newbie

      Hi all,


      Is any one used table inheritance in database with hibernate via JPA? If so, can you suggest for below use case

        I have to update entity on parent table, for which I have to use 'only' keyword before table name (select, update, delete,.. but not for insert, rename...).

        Is it possible to append 'only' keyword when updated via merge/update/save operation using DAO?



               Employee emp = empolyeeDao.findOne(1);





      and update is defined in generic DAO as :


          public T update( final T entity ){

              return this.entityManager.merge( entity );



      Here hibernate will generate update query without 'only' e.g., : update employee set name ='Tom', title='Mr' where id=1; but I need it to be update only employee set name ='Tom', title='Mr' where id=1;

      using DAO. Is it possible?


      Reference for Table inheritance:  http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.0/static/ddl-inherit.html