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    Log rotation issue

    Andrey Polozov Newbie


      It looks like log rotation on fails to rotate logs once in a while.

      We're using EAP 6.1.

      So far I can't see any pattern or correlation on when it happens.

      We have several web apps deployed, each of them has its own log file. Plus the common - server.log

      That issue seems to never affect all logs at once.

      Sometimes it happens on busy apps, which log stuff fairly intensive (I'd say - 1-5 messages per second), sometimes - when there are few dozen messages per day, and none of them around midnight...

      We have some issues with system time slowly drifting forward on servers where the app is installed (Redhat EL5 on virtual machine, VMWare I believe). Not sure if it may cause that issue though.

      I find regularly records inserted out of sequence: one record would be older than its predecessor according the timestamp. The deviation may be from few milliseconds to just over 1 second... It sounds like a legit case for a busy sever...

      Has anyone seen anything like that? Any ideas?