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    JBoss 5.0.0GA - JBossTS JTA/JTS LPGL license

    Rathna Kumar Newbie


      From JBoss AppServer 5.0.0GA Release Notes, it can be found that it has/uses JBossTS 4.4.0GA. I downloaded JBossTS 4.4.0GA and it has LGPL stated in its copyright.txt.

      But http://www.redhat.com/licenses/jboss_eula.html has the following text

      1. License Grant. Subject to the following terms, Red Hat, Inc. ("Red Hat") grants to you ("User") a license to the Programs pursuant to the GNU Lesser General Public License v. 2.1 except for the following Programs: (a) JBoss Portal Forums and JBoss Transactions, each of which is licensed pursuant to the GNU General Public License v.2;

      Is JBossTS 4.4.0GA (as part of JBoss AppServer 5.0.0GA) LGPL or not ?

      Any clarification/help is appreciated.