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    Problem with Rest-BPMN process

    Dishant Anand Newbie

      Hi fellas,


      I was simply trying out the Rest binding along with workflows(BPMN),

      Structurally my project architecture is something like=>


      Rest composite service(which is exposed)===>BPMN2(Process file).


      My bpmn file has a simple script which simply prints out the output to the screen,Now whenever i try to invoke the service i get the following error


      ERROR [org.apache.camel.processor.DefaultErrorHandler] (http-localhost- Failed delivery for (MessageId: ID-TBS15-55671-1383866037948-4-5 on ExchangeId: ID-TBS15-55671-1383866037948-4-6). Exhausted after delivery attempt: 1 caught: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown process ID: demo: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown process ID: demo


      I am using the switchyard version 1.0.0.Final,and according to previous post the problem was a bug in 0.6.0.Final where we also need to specify the processDefination along with the process defination,and as per docs this is not required in this current release,


      Thanks for your help in advance


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          Keith Babo Master

          What have you configured under the <operations> section of your BPM implementation configuration?  Process ID is not used/required when starting a process, so it sound like you are trying to signal an existing process? 


          Best way to get help with these types of issues is to:


          a) describe the problem and provide relevant console/logging output

          b) attach a copy of the entire application or at a minimum the relevant resources


          You've done (a), but we need (b) to help you out here.  The switchyard.xml and the BPMN 2 process definition at a bare minimum.  Entire project is preferable.

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            Dishant Anand Newbie

            Hi Keith,


            I noticed from a little debugging that the process Id i was passing was correct but the problem was my bpmn file was not loading up into the knowledge session,Dont know for what reason's but once i updated the bpm.implementation in switchard.xml file wheith the processDefinition along with the processId,The error is gone and i am able to call up the action's defined inside the bpmn file,


            But it is said in the docs and community that this was kind of bug in the version 0.6.0.Final and was to be resolved in 0.7.0!,since after updating the sy.xml file i can see an error popping up saying it is not the write place to put the procee defination in the sy.xml!.


            @Keith Babo -

            Here is some information about my exposed service on jboss Console

            Route: direct:{urn:com.example.switchyard:switchyard-example:1.0}WithdrawMoneyWorkflow started and consuming from: Endpoint[direct://%7Burn:com.example.switchyard:switchyard-example:1.0%7DWithdrawMoneyWorkflow]


            I am attaching my sy.xml file below.




            Dishant Anand

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              David Ward Master

              This does not make any sense. "processDefinition" is not a supported xml attribute in the bpm xsd in SwitchYard 1.0.0.Final.  It should be a <manifest><resources><resource> in your switchyard.xml file instead of as a processDefinition attribute on your implementation.bpm element.

              I saw in your other forum threads that you have a mix of runtime library versions, too.  I think for us to be able to help you on any of these issues you've raised, we need an accurate picture of what you have running - server log files, any jars you have changed in the installation (or are including in your application that could be overriding things), as well as your full application (including the bpmn file).

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                David Ward Master

                You haven't perchance ran the switchyard-installer twice against the same jboss as/eap installation base, have you?