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    Head up: RichWidgets Agile Boards

      As we discussed recently on IRC,


      we have adopted two open agile dashboards for GitHub issues, because the

      amount of issues we already have has prevented to work with issues





      for regular contributors, there is Waffle.io:



      It allows to work with issues in 3 columns:


      Backlog - tracks all issues in issue tracker


      Ready - current sprint issues - I would like to ask you for periodical

      check whether you haven't some issues assigned here


      In progress - obviously, as you work with widgets, mark them as in progress


      Review - the pull requests or other kind of review is required


      Done - yeaaah!




      The only issue with Waffle is that it doesn't support filtering other than

      primitive full-text search.

      On the other hand this search works for all important fields:


      • summary

      • milestones "0.1"

      • labels "autocomplete"

      • assignee "jstefek"


      But you can't combine filters.




      For this purpose we have adopted also another dashboard project, Hubboard:


      it's rather for sprint management purposes, but it's available as well:




      Thanks for setting this up, Brian!





      ~ Lukas