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    SOAP attchment issue migrating from jboss5 to jboss6


      We are facing a issue migrating from jboss 5 to jboss 6. We are internally calling a webservices and a soap handler is binded to the webservices port from our application. The webservices which is a third party app generates an attachment for our request and binds it back to the soap handler.

      While trying to read the binary data from the soap message context, the value is null. We are not able to retrieve the raw content. The webservices is sending the attachment correctly but the raw content from the attachment part in soap message context is null. 

      Soaphandler classes are being referred from rt.jar that comes along with the server library. The app deployed in previous version in jboss 5 initially was referring to jre6. Is this issue because of any incorrect reference to jars because we have this code working in jboss 5.