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    [forge-dev] Found the issue with Hibernate Tools      ConnectionProfileManagerProvider CCE

    Lincoln Baxter III Master

      The issue was not with the CLAC, but rather the fact that the

      forge2.runtime ClassLoader did not contain the necessary classes, thus the

      CLAC did not know of their existence, and created a proxy with no





      Addon APIs must be added to the forge2.runtime module. If this is an issue,

      and other JBT/Eclipse UI extensions need their classes made available (say

      for an extension API), we will need to re-visit the way in which we are

      instantiating the CLAC and see if it still makes sense. We may need to add

      a CLAC extension point to allow making a given invocation with the TCCL (or

      fall back to the TCCL if nothing else resolves, currently we ignore TCCL.)


      Until then, the above is what must be done.



      Lincoln Baxter, III


      "Simpler is better."