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    JBoss AS 7.1 and Websphere MQ reconnection issues

    k clair Newbie



      I'm trying to debug an issue where JBoss did not reconnect to Websphere MQ after MQ had gone offline and then come back online.


      I understand that there are reconnect settings in the wmq.jmsra.rar file in META-INF/ra.xml.  My question is -- if the number of reconnection attempts that are defined by the ra.xml file is reached, does JBoss have any settings that would cause it to still try to create new MQ connections?


      For example, if I define the following in the mq rar:

      reconnectionRetryCount = 5

      reconnectionRetryInterval = 300000


      This means that the MQ client will try to reconnect every 5 minutes for a maximum of 5 times, which is 25 minutes.  If the websphere server comes back online in 30 minutes, is it just over at this point?  Or does the JBoss transaction pool have the ability to still try to create new connections?