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    Tomcat+jBPM 3.x user wants to use web based visual workflow designer

    Chakravarthy Rajagopalan Newbie



      J2EE newbie here.


      I am currently in a project that uses Tomcat server and jBPM 3.x. We now want to offer our customer the option of visual design of the workflows like jBPM Designer. These are the 2 options i can think of :-


      1) Migrate from Tomcat to JBoss with jBPM 5.x

      Once we change over to JBoss, we can use Drools Guvnor, and it has a tool

      inbuilt into the web based visual designer, where we can choose each 3.x

      workflow and convert to 5.x workflow. We have only 14 workflows , which we can migrate one by one.


      2) Integrate JBPM 5.x with Tomcat.

      If this works out, maybe we can adopt the same way of migrating old

      workflows to new ones as in Point 1.

      I have 2 questions :-

      1) Are the above 2 options justified ?

      2) Are there any other options to achieve the objective ?

      Thanks and regards,