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    Error in fetching jbpm 4.4 source code.

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie


      I  am trying to download the source code for JBPM 4.4 as mentioned in the




      The SVN location is:




      Using windows Tortoise SVN client when I try to check out the branch, after downloading some artifacts I see this error:


      Error: Checksum mismatch for 'D:\Work\jbpm4.4-src\trunk\qa\reinstall.jbpm.bat'; expected: '97e25ade996f694a1d50b8eef87c94c8', actual: '030b56b3bfb1d1c795cb0d82be288925'


      And the check out fails.


      Is there a way around this error at all?


      If I try to directly update the QA folder, I see an error like this:


      Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/repos/jbpm/!svn/ver/5435/jbpm4/trunk/qa/reinstall.jbpm.bat' 

      Error: '/repos/jbpm/!svn/ver/5435/jbpm4/trunk/qa/reinstall.jbpm.bat' path not found 

      Please let me know if any one has encountered/resolved this problem before.