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    EAP 6.1.1 http session replication problem

    danpeter Newbie

      I am trying to get session replication working on EAP 6.1.1 with apache mod_cluster 1.2.6.Final.

      Apache and 2 instances are all running on the same machine.

      I start the instances with :

      standalone.bat -c standalone-ha.xml -Djboss.node.name=nodeA

      standalone.bat -c standalone-ha.xml -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=100 -Djboss.node.name=nodeB


      I have not made any changes in standalone-ha.xml


      The attached server log from nodeA looks good to me.


      My web.xml

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <web-app xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee"









      I have a facelet page witha a sessionscoped cdi bean:




      public class MemberController implements Serializable {


          private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(MemberController.class);


          private String name;



          public void init() {

              LOGGER.info("MemberController constructed");



          public String getName() {

              return name;



          public void setName(String name) {

              this.name = name;




      When I go to the page I enter my name and it is displayed properly on the page.

      When i ctrl-c nodeA and refresh the page the value is gone and I can see in the log "MemberController constructed" on nodeB.

      What am I missing?