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    Passing Java objects via jbpm rest API

    James Jones Newbie

      In an attempt to use RESTEasy to access jBPM-console(6.0.0.CR2) REST API,we have successfuly sent primitive data types like String as parameters. We recently tried to send a small POJO object LeaseDto(<Date, TimePeriod>) as one of the parameters by setting the formParameters/or queryParameters in the request where the LeaseDto has been defined as a Serializable object. When jBPM process tries to use the object, it is unable to use it as a java data object; the object sent by the client appears to have been received as a String.

      We would like to know if there is a recommended way to send a POJO object as a parameter to jBPM-console REST API so that it is usable as an object?



      Jamie Jones