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    Datasorce configuration y domain mode

    zatopek zatopek Newbie


      i must to configure several Datasources.

      I have jboss aep 6.1.1 in domain mode configuration with several host.

      for configuring one Datasource:

      .- the driver module (with the directory structure) only i must to configure into the mster jboss or into the all servers?

      .- the configuration of the datasource only into the master jboss?



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The driver module must be copied to all host instances. Starting with WildFly or even with the upcomming EAP6.2 version there is a feature to distribute a 'patch' which can be  module, but for the moment you need to manual copy it.


          The datasource can be configured in the domain itself, using the XML or CLI/MgmtConsole. As you have a profile which can be used in several server-groups you can use the same datasource for several groups.

          Also it is possible to use $[...} expressions and set the variable name in the server-group as property to reuse one configuration with different DB behind.

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