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    Technologies used in jBPM (5.4 and 6)?

    Keith West Newbie

      Has anyone documented all of the technologies that jBPM encompasses - both from the Eclipse and web side? Hoping that someone has previously created a slide or two on this. Would help to educate our management on how much there really is to this product under the covers. Be great if someone has this for 5.4 and 6.0, but will take whatever might be available.




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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Keith,

          We can create that for you, but I'm not sure to understand what do you want to know? Are you interested to know the frameworks that are being used by jBPM?

          It all depends on which modules are you interested to use. Remember that you can embed jBPM in your own java applications for that you only need to know that jBPM depends on JPA and Hibernate for persistence (if you don't need persistence you don't really need that dependency).

          From the web tooling in 6.x we are using Uberfire (GWT + Errai) to build all the workbenches. Usually for educating the management is good to mention that all the projects and its dependencies are under the Apache V2 License.


          Please elaborate on what exactly are you looking for and we can provide that.


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            Keith West Newbie

            Here's the best way I can think of to indicate what I'm looking for...


            Imagine working for a large corporation that is considering adopting a number of open source technologies/products to provide cost relief from their commercial counterparts. In this particular case, jBPM instead of mroe expensive BPM products from vendors like IBM or Oracle. One of the topics of discussion within the company is whether we would provide support in-house to be able to support every component that makes up jBPM - Eclipse plugins, BPMN modelers/editors, all the various Web components, Drools Expert, Fusion, all of the API's, how to integrate the product with databases, and other external systems such as LDAP or web services, understand in detail how to package and configure the product, etc. This support would be at the level of being able to make bug fixes and/or enhancements to ANY part of the source code that comprises jBPM as needed for the corporation - meaning being able to build the entire product from source, and package and configure it for corporate usage.


            With this as background,  I want to make sure that management understands the depth and breadth of knowledge that would be required to undertake such support for something like jBPM. It's not like they can just take a Java programmer expect them to be able to support somethign like jBPM. Something I find that works well is having information that can fill out a few slides that list out all of the major technologies used under the hood for every component in jBPM, and a brief description of what that technology is used for. For example, Server side - Birt runtime for reporting, JBOSS AS 7 for application server, Hibernate, JPA, GWT, ant, maven... For client-side development, Eclipse, Birt, BPMN2 Modeler, jBPM plugins (and whatever they're made from)... For building of the code, maven, ant, Java, ...


            it would be great to have such a list per component - i.e. something that lists everything used in the Eclipse side, all the various web components, and something that is broken down by everything needed for Drools expert, fusion, Guvnor, BAM, ... I don't know everything that will make up jBPM in v6, so I can't specifically reference them - just want to cover everything.


            Does this help? Am I asking for too much? let me know if I need to provide more clarification.




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              Keith West Newbie

              Thought I'd check back and see if someone has compiled a list of the technologies used by jBPM that they would be willing to share?  THX