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    Why isn't the regular JMS connection-factory a Resource Adapter ?

    Vijay Bhaskar Chintalapati Newbie

      HornetQ Team:

      Please help me understand why the plain vanilla connection-factory isn't modeled as a Resource Adapter in JBoss AS 7 HornetQ the way pooled-connection-factory is.  I understand that a pooled-connection-factory, because it is modeled as a Resource Adapter, helps when one needs the features of the Java EE outbound contracts.

      When there exists such obvious benefits of using such connection factory modeled after a JEE Resource Adapter, why isn't the regular JMS connection-factory a RA too ? Is it left out to exist the way it is to be backwards compatible with earlier JEE specifications.

      I am sure I am missing something very fundamental, so please enlighten me with a reply (or replies) and/or link(s) to any documentation.


      (PS: Apologies in advance if you are left feeling disgusted after reading my question )