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    getRemoteUser null

    Dave Pinella Newbie

      I have a pretty simple servlet running on JBoss 7.1 AS. I'm using Java EE via Eclipse Kepler. All is running fine with it.


      I now want to add some authentication. I've done a ton of reading and to be honest I'm overwhelmed with it all. Here are my, actually pretty simple,requirements


      1) If I could get HttpServletRequest::getRemoteUser() to return the user to me, I would be done. I have my own method of authentication.


      2) I do NOT want to have the user prompted for User and Password.


      Really, that is it. I want to do my own authentication BUT I need to know the USER. No password, no nothing... Just USER. I believe the USER is his logged in name to the OS...


      I think that is all I need to say. I'm not sure how I should go about implementing this.


      IS is this even possible??