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    JBoss A-MQ 6.1.0.Alpha - Git problems causing Fuse Mgt Console Errors

    Lance Bryant Newbie

      I'm new to Fuse Fabric and I've just installed the new 6.1.0.Alpha version as our client needs replicated LevelDB.


      On the Management Console, I created a Fabric but on the resulting "Configuration" tab, I get an error and no Profiles are listed:


      TypeError: Cannot call method 'exists' of null
      at GitWikiRepository.exists (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/app/app.js:33266:24)
      at checkFileExists (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/app/app.js:33054:32)
      at Object.fn (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/app/app.js:32858:17)
      at Object.Scope.$digest (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/lib/angular.js:8821:27)
      at Object.Scope.$apply (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/lib/angular.js:9022:24)
      at HTMLDocument. (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/lib/angular.js:6154:22)
      at HTMLDocument.p.event.disp
      atch (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/lib/jquery-1.8.2.min.js:2:38007)
      at HTMLDocument.g.handle.h (http://devapp02.marlo.com.au:8181/hawtio/lib/jquery-1.8.2.min.js:2:33868)

      I used clicked [+Create] to create a test profile and saved it but the error occurs again and nothing is displayed on the Configuration Tab.

      I also notice that on the Fabric "Runtime" tab, under "manage", and selecting "root" and URLs tab, that the Git (& Jolokia) URLs are blank.


      1) Any thoughts?  The v6.0 documentation doesn't mention Git at all since I think it's new for 6.1

      2) Does anyone have any draft doco for 6.1.0 Alpha?