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    Database Integration Service

    Tim McClure Apprentice

      Workflow is all about integration and the environment we are integrating workflow contains somewhat dated applications whose best integration option is to read and update data directly to their underlying databases - naturally when possible we will look to use web services (REST & SOAP) but initially we need direct DB integration.  We are looking to write a service in which documents contain a domain specific set of SQL statements will be stored in the JackRabbit repository similar to the way BPMN2 workflows are stored today.  The queries will be named and accessible through a DB integration work item we will be creating that will be accessible to any workflow.  We will leverage Spring JDBC named queries so that SQL injection is not an issue.  What project/code would be the best for us to examine in starting this endeavor?



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          just one comment at the beginning - jbpm 6 does not use JCR (Jackrabbit) any more, it now relies on GIT as asset repository.


          The data base integration service then is domain specific service with work item definition and work item handler. Where you'll place sql statements as parameters of that work item. So I don't see anything specific for your case compared to any other domain specific service and thus you can follow documentation in this regard.