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    What is the Best-Practice strategy on employing a single jQuery library (and version) with RF?

    feder Newbie

      When using jquery functions on my J2EE websites, I often end up employing 2 jQuery libraries. This is a consequence of having jQuery functions invoked on pages, which do NOT use a Richfaces tag. Thus I need to import the jQuery library sepraratly. As soon as I request a page with RF tags, the RF-provided jQuery lib is loaded into the browser, too. Since I'm not depending on specific jQuery version (e.g. the very latest), it makes no sense to maintain and load 2 jQuery libs at the time.


      What is the best-practices strategy of the RF developers in such cases? How can you enforce the RF-provided jQuery lib to be loaded every single time, regardless wheather a RF tag is used.


      I'm using RichFaces 4.3.3


      Curious about a consise discussion. Thanks.