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    Why is JBoss-7.2.0 app not working after porting it from Tomcat 6.0?

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      I have a Tomcat 6 application with JSF, Servlet, Spring, Hibernate, jBPM. I did the following to 'migrate' it to Tomcat :-


      1) Downloaded JBoss- from OpenLogic since the JBOss community has stopped with JBoss-


      2) Set the datasource in JBoss standalone.xml based on values in the Tomcat server.xml. I took hints from this : jboss 7 oracle datasource configuration


      3) Made some more configuration changes based on this http://www.mastertheboss.com/jboss-web-server/tomcat-to-jboss-migration


      4) Downloaded ojdb6.jar , created the corresponding module.xml and added it to the ojdb6.jar. Placed both of them in the JBOss-Home/modules/system/layers/base/com/oracle/main folder.


      5) Created a war out of the Tomcat/webapps/myApplication folder as xxx.war. (It may have had recursive war, jar. I don't know). I copied this war file to JBoss-Home/standalone/deployments folder.


      6) I started JBoss server. The management console opens at http://localhost:32080 , connects successfully to the data source, shows the war file (xxx.war) as being deployed.


      7) However when i key in the URL of application at http://localhost:32080/xxx/login.jsf, it gives a 404 error. (There is a login.xhtml file in xxx war and i think the xhtml has been mapped to JSF somewhere).


      8) In the console where i started JBoss, i get this error : "Failed to start service jboss.persistenceunit "xxx.war#xxxPersistanceUnit"...:org.hibernate.MappingException : Error while parsing file : jbpm.history.hbm.xml.


      9)Now, the Tomcat version was using jBPM 3.2. The JBoss does not include the jBPM framework as far as i can see.

      Maybe this question has many ambiguities, but can someone tell me what are the areas to study in order to overcome these and get the Login.jsf to start ?


      Thanks and regards, Chak.


      PS:- On reviewing it looks to me that i have to integrate jBPM to my JBoss application. That may be the problem. Any thoughts welcome.


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