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    HELP:  JBoss AS5 cannot detect page changes

    zwz mycoy Newbie

      I'm using JBoss AS5.0.1GA to develop a project.
      The structure of the deployed dir:

      the app.war contains the jsps.
      during the jsps development, i write a ant-script to update the pages in app.war directory only, trying to avoid the redeployment of ejbs in the app.jar.

      but it's seems that jboss cannnot detect the page updates: no action can be seen in the console and changes cannnot be reflected in the brower.

      so i have to deploy the whole project and it takes much longer time.
      i remember that jboss4.x doesn't behavior this way, they can detect page updates effectively.
      maybe some configuration is needed.
      Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot.