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    JBoss-3.2.2/mySQL - DQL OrderBy - JBoss makes incorrect join

    Kayvan Mojarrad Newbie


      Just installed 3.2.2 and was so impressed by the cache working so nicely, but just noticed a problem which unless I can find a solution for, will force me back to 3.2.1

      I run a DynamicQL query like this example:

      table n: ralated 1

      SELECT DISTINCT OBJECT(o) FROM table o WHERE o.column > ?1 ORDER BY o.related.column

      JBoss generates SQL not joining the tables correctly

      SELECT columns,... FROM table, related WHERE table.column > ? ORDER BY related.column

      This should be:

      SELECT columns,... FROM table, related WHERE table.column > ? AND table.pk = related.pk ORDER BY related.column

      This is of coarse what I get when I'm running 3.2.1 - and is what I should get.

      Is this a bug or a config issue?

      Can the prepared SQL be edited externally - Or will I have to look in the src for this and if so where should I look?