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    Javassist adding annotation to method argument

    Matthew Young Newbie

      Read this answer (How to add parameter annotation to new Method ?) on the jboss community regarding adding an annotation to a parameter in a method. Stuck at getting the parameter or in Javassist terms the attribute.

      Given class XYZ:

      public class XYZ { public void changes(String whatever, Integer flag) { } } 

      With the following code: ClassPool pool = ClassPool.getDefault(); CtClass clazz = pool.get(XYZ.class.getName());

      CtMethod m = clazz.getDeclaredMethod("changes"); CtClass[] parameters = m.getParameterTypes(); // shows 2 parameter (one String, other Integer)

      AttributeInfo paramAtrributeInfo = m.getMethodInfo().getAttribute("whatever");

      paramAttributeInfo is null. I see 2 attributes when debugging but these have concrete calls LocalVariableAttribute and LineNumberAttribute.

      Can't get a handle (attribute) to add my parameter annotation to. Ideas?