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    With Jboss7.2.0,collocated HA with replication second failover does not work

    veenaonnet Newbie



      We have configured collocated HA topoly with replication in jboss7.2.0.

      Failover and Failback works fine with data replication for the first time. However below scenario does not work.

        1. Kill first
      server -> failover occurs

      2. Start first
      server -> failback occurs

      3. Now HQ backup
      on 2nd server must be restarted otherwise failover can't happen again



      A parameter is added to hornetq (max-saved-replicated-journal-size)  to solve this issue but could not find the parameter in jboss cli/messaging xsd.


      They have suggested a workaround
      to restart the 2nd server on failback. However we had to restart both the servers otherwise could not get RemoteConnectionFactory for the 1st server.


      Is max-saved-replicated-journal-size parameter available in any wildfly version?

      We are not able to proceed with our HA and cluster configurations due to this issue. It is not feasible to restart server manually on failback in production.

      Can you suggest any other solution or workaround?