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    Webservice Call from Jboss-4.2.3 to Wildfly-8.0.0-Beta

    Makgati Mehlape Newbie



      We are busy migrating our application landscape to WildFly, Beta version, and our client applications, hosted on Jboss-4.2.3 which resides on the same machine as our WildFly server. (We have resolved all the port conflicts and all that and so both server versions can start and run simultaneously).


      My problem is two fold:

           - Is apache webserver load balancer, mod_jk, compatible to be used with WildFly?

           - When we make a WebService Call from Jboss-4.2.3, we see the request hitting our WildFly server, which executes for 1 second, but then the client (Jboss-4.2.3) timeouts after 10 seconds without getting the response from WildfFly.


      The reason why I included mod_jk is because we use it as our load-balancer, so; essentially the Jboss-4.2.3 calls the wildfly server via this as we have multiple WildFly nodes.


      Now, when the same webservice endpoint is hosted on Jboss-4.2.3, i.e reverting back from WildFly, everything works fine and we can also see the request being logged in our Apache webserver access_logs. However, when Jboss-4.2.3 WebService client app is consuming the same endpoint hosted on WildFly, we do not see request being logged on the Apache webserver but we see our WildFly responding to the request although the client does not find this request and it eventually times out.