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    How-to implement a corba object in JBOSS

    John Lee Newbie

      Hello there,

      I'm just learning about CORBA. I have a number of legacy IDLs belonging to legacy systems (i.e. EIS). I wish to emulate these systems within a JBOSS container for testing convenience with arquillian; therefore I wish to implement server-side Corba objects based on these IDLs in a deployable artifact(s).

      My initial thoughts were to implement an inbound resource adapter (in RAR), to handle request invocations on the IDL. However, on reading a bit more on org.jacorb (the ORB I was planning on using), I see that it implements its own connection management and POA (Portable object adapter) thread pools. It is not clear to me how I would hook this up properly to JCA 1.6 WorkManager, making sure I'm using container managed resources. So I was going to bring this up in the ironjacamar forum.

      However, then I noticed the Jboss-iiop project (the home page of which has broken links, and couldn't find any user forum), and the fact that jacorb is itself a JBOSS subsystem, and I was wondering do I have to implement this resource adapter at all, or is there some other facility whereby I can hook up my server-side Corba java classes to the jacorb subsystem in a JEE compliant way (whereby the threads and sockets that are created are using the container resources).

      So the question is : what are my options? Can I use jacorb jboss subsystem or jboss-iiop project in any way here?

      Is using an inbound resource adapter my only option? and if so I'll work through the JCA1.6 spec, and ask any further questions on ironjacamar forum if necessary.