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    POC with jBPM 5.3

    Pratik Patel Newbie



      We are in the process of picking a solution for BPM and need to do build a proof of concept (POC) for jBPM before we commit to any solution.


      I setup a local demo by following instructions on Chapter 3. Installer

      Now, if we need to build something in our environment to demonstrate that it fits our needs.


      Is/Are there a thread or blog etc which provides step by step instruction on setting up jBPM jdbc connection with SQL Server as the backend?


      Also, wrap C# webservice call as one of the tasks in jBPM workflow?


      Should I just continue reading thru other chapters in that jBPM User Guide ?


      Thank you.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          I see you refer to jBPM 5.3 version in the subject of this thread. I would strongly recommend to get your hands on 6.0.0.Final that is about to be released instead as it provides much more powerful platform. User guide for jbpm would be the best starting point. If you describe how you intend to use it we could try to guide you more.



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            Pratik Patel Newbie

            Thank you Maciej.


            The architecture would be something like


            Proprietary UI -> Prop. routing service (can interface with any standard SOAP service) -> C# MW -> SQL Server


            This is like 10,000 feet view of the architecture.


            Is there somewhere I can see the differences between jBPM 5.3 and 6.0.0?

            Thank you for your efforts.