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    No FMC in latest 6.1?

    Sinma Babel Newbie

      Hi, Just tried latest 6.1 build from repository (jboss-fuse-full-6.1.0-redhat-175). After container started (<FUSE_HOME>/bin/fuse) I created a fabric:


           fabric:create --new-user <user name> --new-user-password <new user password>


      tailed the log and it took few minutes to finish fabric creation. Next I pointed my browser to http://localhost:8181 to check new FMC.

      Browser url changed to http://localhost:8181/hawtio but showing just a blank white page.


      I know it is still alpha and we should not expect too much but previous builds(139) had new FMC, while the latest does not.

      Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to run anything else to see new FMC?


      Kindest Regards