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    Sending large size message using websocket

    Deepak Nautiyal Newbie

      I am not able to send large size ByteBuffer message (e.g., 1 MB) on the latest wildfly 8.0.0-Beta1 websocket implementation. If i try to do session.setMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize(ONE_MEGA_BYTE) in onOpen method of the server endpoint, it has no effect as session.getMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize() still returns a value of ZERO.  My questions are as below:


      1. Is there any other way to change the buffer-size configuration on web-socket endpoint?

      2. Why session.setMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize() is not working?

      3. As a user of client api - MessageHandler.Whole<ByteBuffer>, does the API take care of assembling of data-frames etc to deliver me all the bytes needed (in onMessage(ByteBuffer b) method) so that I can correctly deserialize the object?


      I am new to this project. I will appreciate if anybody can help me resolve these issues.