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    How Infinispan works with Hibernate Search

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      Hi all,


      I am using infinispan cache for my project with Hibernate Search. I have configured infinispan settings through Persistence.xml file (default-hibernatesearch-infinispan).
      It is working absolutely fine. But I would like to know how it works with Hibernate Search. I have read the Documentations of Infinispan which gives information mostly about how to configure it. Just want to know the working logic for each tags in below configuration.
      The sample tags of infinispan are,

                <globalJmxStatistics   enabled="true"         cacheManagerName="HibernateSearch"             allowDuplicateDomains="true" />

               <transport       clusterName="HibernateSearch-Infinispan-cluster"  >




              <shutdown           hookBehavior="DONT_REGISTER" />




      <default> ..... </default>



      <storeAsBinary enabled="true"/>




                      fetchInMemoryState="true" />

                  <async useReplQueue="true" replQueueInterval="300" asyncMarshalling="false" /> 


            <invocationBatching enabled="true" /> 

            <jmxStatistics enabled="true" />

            <eviction wakeUpInterval="2000" maxEntries="1000" strategy="UNORDERED" /> 

            <expiration maxIdle="-1" /> 



      And now my questions are,


      1. How it differentiates between all namedcaches? How it recognizes between these cache partitions?

      2. What if I want to change clusterName="HibernateSearch-Infinispan-cluster" to some other name?


      Please point out me if there is already documentations and explanations to understand how each each tags works in this configuration file ((default-hibernatesearch-infinispan)).



      Thanks and Regards,