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    jbpm 5 How to get swimlane coordinate position

    sandy yang Newbie

      I have defined process as followed:


      I used Swimlane, but I was failed to get the coordinate position when I got the definition of the org.jbpm.ruleflow.core.RuleFlowProcess.



      When I got the corresponding RuleFlowProcess, could not find the lane definition by calling getNodes().




      I could only get the lane name by calling getSwinglaneContext(), but no coordinate position, refer to below picture. 
      Like jbpm console, I want to show an instance Active node on the process instance.p, so I need to get the coordinate position for all the components, but as the result, only the non-lane's position came out.
      But in the above picture, the position was wrong, refer to below highlighted part in the picture,


      It seems that the position was gotten as a relative position of the lane, not the exact position I want.



      BTW, I faced the same problem by using embedded subprocess.
      my jbpm5 version :5.4.0 final
            guvnor version: 5.5.0.Final
            designer version : 2.4.0 final