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    Upgrade of Camel?

    Anton Hughes Master



      Is there a plan to upgrade to a recent version of Camel?


      There are several Camel components we would like to use, such as http://camel.apache.org/disruptor.html and MVEL ( see my other thread).


      Is this on the roadmap?



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          Keith Babo Master

          It is on the roadmap.  1.1.0.Final will be announced any day now - just trying to finish up the documentation now.  After that, we will roll master to 2.x and a bump to Camel 2.12 is on the agenda.  Further details of our plans around 2.x will be published here in the forum.

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            Anton Hughes Master

            Thanks Kieth


            That sounds like its still a fair way off.


            Is it possible to use camel 2.12 in a bean service, in the meantime? Or will that cause problems?

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              Keith Babo Master

              We haven't attempted the upgrade yet, so I don't know if anything will bite you there.  To test it, you could just replace the Camel jars in our camel modules with 2.12 versions and see what happens.  The upgrade isn't terribly far off as we will likely have milestone releases of SwitchYard 2.0, but I don't have a specific date right now.