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    Some dificulties after Importing a quickStart example, editor show some erros

    Mauro Araujo Newbie

      Hi, i just installed SwitchYard  and im new at this, and I have no experience with this or maven,


      i am facing some problems i dont know if they are normal or i lost somthing in the way .

      Its a new world for me.


      im trying to use the editor after i import a quickstart example(Import ->mavenProject),

      I have imported  the quicksatart example HelpDesk it is fully function ( i  foloow the steps on readme )

      but  in my editor it shows a lot of problems.




      what sould i do to  resolve that, put them in  faceted Projectect?

      (if then what options  should i choose ? )

      did  i missed a plugin ?


      ( OFF TOPIC )

      In  my company i have some problems reaching out Maven repositories

      and the proxy is configured with a .pac file,  how i config my maven?  (have maven 3.1.1 installed)