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    dimension of server-groups or other aprox

    zatopek zatopek Newbie



      i must to configure one jboss server., this is one machine with 4GB RAM

      i must to deploy to 7 server-groups, for each servergroup i must deploy theis apps.


      for each server-group i have put one server into my host.xml file. -> 7 servergroups - 7 servers

      i start the domain and into the next step i start the host (doimain.sh --host-config=host.xml)

      the domain starts well

      but when i start the host, (the file has 7 host) appears one outofMemory exception.


      how you'd configure this infraestructure?

      I have to divide the instances (servers) on more servers (hosts files)?

      how would you do?



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          You will have 9 JVM instances if you start that domain.

          Even if you use the absolute minimum of memory for each you will have about 512M for each (needed for the JVM itself + heap + threadstack) altoghether this will be 4.5G

          It will be impossible to run that configuration on that machine as the OS itself need a bit memory.

          Also I suppose you will not have more than 8cores.


          If you try to test something you can use one standalone instance and deploy all applications here.

          A domain with two servers might be possible if you have not much load.

          So I recommend to use several machines or a more powerful one.

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