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    Zero-dollar developer subscription

    kewldude Newbie

      Im sorry if this question has been asked before (sorry i know its a stupid one)...  but how do i get a zero-dollar developer subscription?  If I go to this link Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform  and download the EAP 6.1.0 GA, is that is? Im already enrolled in the zero-dollar developer subscription? I'm a bit confused on how I would enroll myself (and our company) into the zero-dollar developer subscription program? Care to enlighten me?

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          Ray Ploski Newbie

          The Red Hat JBoss Developer Program (the Zero-Dollar Developer subscription) is available to you for a full year simply by requesting one of the exclusive assets - whether that is a download of a product binary, viewing some of the exclusive content or posting questions to the product developer forums.  The first time you download any of these assets you'll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions (termsandconditions) and you will be asked to renew each year.

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            gilles crebassa Newbie



            I'm faced on the same issue.


            My company use JBoss EAP 6.1.GA on Server and JBoss CE 7.1.1 on developer workstation.

            We are 120 developer and the tool are deployed automatically by Microsoft Installer (MSI).


            We have detected that some behavior between JBoss CE and JBoss EAP is not identical and any change need to be tested deeply 2 times (in the devel workstation & in the server). It's a waste of time...


            Now, I appreciate to install JBoss EAP 6.1.GA on all devel workstation but:


            - It's really free ?

            - Each developer need create an account in jboss.org and try to download the package to "accept" the license or only me (or my company) take the responsability?


            Best Regards,


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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              Yes, 0$ subscription mean you did not pay for it.

              But from what I understand you have a valid subscription for the EAP6.1.GA, right?

              In that case your developers can use the same bits for developing.

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                gilles crebassa Newbie

                Hi Fink,


                At this time, my company have a partner subscription for JBoss EAP but the license manager don't know the limit of the contract.

                Several of my customers using JBoss EAP in production and we develop, support and help in the first line.

                When the 'issue' come from Jboss (or we can't resolve), we contact your support.

                In internal, we don't have "really" a production environnement. A central server contains the last evolution of own products and deeply tested before packaging to all customers.


                I hope that more clear for you to understand if each users need register to have an account for accept the license during the download of jboss EAP?

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                  Wolf-Dieter Fink Master


                  in this case I really couldn't say.

                  But I suppose you have a portal and knowledgebase account with your subscription and being able to use that to download the EAP versions here.

                  For exact details I recommend to contact your sale representative.