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    Consequences for WildFly after GlassFish Commercial is Dead

    Juergen Zimmermann Master

      Arun Gupta discusses some interessting issues at http://blog.arungupta.me/2013/11/glassfish-commercial-is-dead-wildfly-and-jboss-eap-to-rescue.


      However, what does it mean for WildFly? WildFly uses e.g. JAXB RI for JAXB and Mojarra for JSF. Both products are Glassfish products. Does it mean that WildFly will only receive very few upgrades for JSF resp. Mojarra? At https://maven.java.net/content/repositories/releases/com/sun/faces/jsf-impl you can see that the latest Mojarra release for JSF 2.2 is from Oct 3. Should we focus on MyFaces instead?