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    Set parameter to Remote EJB call context

    Nicolas Nicolas Newbie



      I'm currently migrating application from JBoss-AS-5 to JBoss-EAP-6 and I would like to use this migration to improve our architecture.

      We have two servers which have to communicate together. Until now, we use a JNDI lookup to get remote EJB.

      Each EJB implements two interfaces :

      - Remote interface,

      - Local interface.


      They describe the same functions but remote interface need an additional parameter, always the same.

      For example :


      public interface LocalInterface {

        void foo(String fooName);

        String bar(Integer barId, String barName);




      public interface RemoteInterface {

        void foo(Integer remoteId, String fooName);

        String bar(Integer remoteId, Integer barId, String barName);







      public class MyImplementation implements LocalInterface, RemoteInterface {


         public void foo(String fooName) {


        public String bar(Integer barId, String barName) {


        public void foo(Integer remoteId, String fooName) {




        public String bar(Integer remoteId, Integer barId, String barName) {


        bar(barId, barName);





      I would like to use only one interface and use an @Interceptor to log the remoteId.

      I tried to manipulate InitialContext and SessionContext to set the remoteId from the caller class but it does not work and I don't really know what I have to search.

      I have also to call remote EJB from standalone application.


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance for you help!