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    JBoss Management - JMX bridge

    Diego del Río Newbie

      Starting from JBoss AS 7 there is a new management interface that allows you to centrally manage various JBoss instances. One could type a command targeted to various jboss instances (e.g. a server group) and that command would then be executed in each of those instances.

      If instead JBoss Management Resources there were JMX MBeans deployed in each instance there  is no way to read attributes or invoke operations on each of those MBeans from a central point. This could be resolved with a custom JMX client that iterates through the list of desired JBoss intances doing whatever is needed in the target MBean. Alternatively, I wonder if it's possible to achieve the same result using the JBoss Management interface, so for example, I could type a command in the JBoss cli to read an MBean attribute and that command would be dispatched to every JBoss instance that exposes the MBean.

      Put in other words, take advantage of JBoss Management interface to centrally manage using existing MBeans.

      Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, I don't speak English very well.