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    Cache entry not surviving restart using SingleFileStore

    Alfie Kirkpatrick Newbie

      Hi, I'm new to Infinispan... I'm trying to reproduce the Groovy example in the getting started guide using the fluent API for configuration. I was led in this direction because I failed to get the Mongo store working and went for a more standard configuration/example to test things worked as I expected. I'm using 6.0.0 final.


      The groovy example calls stop() and start() on the cache. If I follow this procedure, my key is retrieved from the cache ok, but if I stop the manager and recreate everything from scratch (to simulate an actual restart), it is not found.


      Here is my unit test...



          public void testValueAvailableAfterRestart() {

              // given a file store configuration

              Configuration configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder()











              // and a cache manager with this configuration

              EmbeddedCacheManager manager1=new DefaultCacheManager();

              manager1.defineConfiguration("file-cache", configuration);


              // and the cache defined therein

              Cache<Object, Object> cache1 = manager1.getCache("file-cache");


              // the cache doesn't contain my key



              // but when the key is added

              cache1.put("key1", "value1");

              // the cache does contain my key



              manager1.stop(); // avoid complaints about duplicate JMX bean


              // given a fresh cache (simulating a restart)

              EmbeddedCacheManager manager2=new DefaultCacheManager();

              Cache<Object, Object> cache2=manager2.getCache("file-cache");

              manager2.defineConfiguration("file-cache", configuration);


              // it should contain my key (from the store)




      Am I misunderstanding something fundamental here? Should entries in the SingleFileStore (and other cache stores) survive a restart? Is there something I need to force it to write (was expecting write-through by default)?


      The eventual configuration I'm looking for is:

      - Clustered cache backed by Mongodb

      - Distributed mode to get some shared memory with resilience

      - Long timeout on cache entries (eg. 3 months)

      - Passivation based on cache size / available memory / time since last use

      - Least used eviction strategy

      - Custom Mongo store (because we have some reporting tools to run against mongo, so objects should be structured)


      From what I read, this is a reasonable goal with Infinispan...?


      Any advice appreciated.

      Many thanks!