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    Failed in Making a Multi-source Binding(maybe a bug in designer?)

    yapeng shen Newbie



      I've found out the multi-source binding support section in Teiid Designer User Guide 8.2, Chapter 9.


      In my testing project, I made a flat file data source and model.  It's OK to query through VDB. Then I wanted to integrate another flat file in the same schema, which can be applied with multi-source binding support.


      As the User Guide pdf said, I clicked the VDB editor's Model tab,  and then Source Binding Definition tab. I clicked the Multi-source check box and added a new source. Then a new tuple was added in the table, but among the three columns(source name, JNDI Name and Translator Name), only one can be edited till eclipse turns into a no-response state.


      Is that a bug for Teiid Designer?  And since it's dangerous to edit vdb file byself, is there another way to make it?


      I'll appreciate for any help. Thanks a lot in advance.