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    Domain configuration > quick answers

    Julien Ledouble Newbie



      Do you know some documentation where I can learn how to configure a domain with Apache 2 (as proxy) + jboss 7 ? (I'm lost)


      Could you response by true / false (or more) to these questions ?

      1. I must use "virtualhost" : both in the apache configuration files + in the standalone.xml + web.xml

      2. It is not possible to do URL rewriting ONLY in Apache. (ex rewrite URL from jboss (ex: domain.com/myApp/index.html?viewDoc=123 to domain.com/page_doc_about_weather.html). I know it is possible with apache + php, what is the difference ? (subsidiary question)

      3. If I have 2 domain names and only one EAR deployed on a server. And I want to do a web redirection to specific pages depending on the domain name : I will configure it only in the configuration files of Apache (ex: domain1.com to localhost/app1/page1.html and domain2.com to localhost/app1/page2.html)

      4. I don't have the skills to do these sort of tasks !



      Thank you !