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    Class cast exception with management Queue hornet

    Dishant Anand Newbie

      Hi Fellas,


      i am trying to count total number of messages on the honretQ using the core management api


      i configured a management queue named jms.queue.hornetq.management in the honret configurations and then i tried with the following code after my producer sends my message onto the queue


      ClientSession managedsession = MyCoreSession.getSession();

        ClientRequestor requestor = new ClientRequestor(managedsession, "jms.queue.hornetq.management");

        ClientMessage messagemanaged = managedsession.


        ManagementHelper.putAttribute(messagemanaged, "jms.queue.myTestQueue","messageCount");

        ClientMessage reply = requestor.request(messagemanaged,1000);

        int count = (Integer) ManagementHelper.getResult(reply);

        System.out.println("There are " + count + " messages in exampleQueue");




      Error obtained is :-


      creating session at Mon Dec 02 08:50:59 GMT 2013


      message sent successfully

      Received TextMessage:1;02/20/2012 14:01:59.010;1020,1021,1022

      java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer

        at org.demo.MyCoreSyncronousTest.main(MyCoreSyncronousTest.java:54)



      Message count has to be a integer and i dont know what reply i am getting clearly not getting it


      Can somebody please help me on this?