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    Group does'nt exit error

    radhika Viswanath Newbie

      I have followed below steps to create Source and view model  Using teiid designer.When i used "preview data in the view model" i got the group doesn't exist error.

      1)Created  Books table in Derby Database:
      2)Created source model to connect with Derby .
      When i use preview data, the select query fetching the results properly.
      3)Created Teiid Datasource in the Source model name.

      4)Created View model  and added SQL statement in the Tranformation editor where the source and view table are loaded without any errors.
      5) Created VDB , which has both source and view model information.
      When i used preview data in the View model , am getting error like"Group doesn't exit"

      Can you please notify where i have gone wrong?

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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Group is synonymous with Table in Teiid due to some legacy code. So, basically it is saying that table not found. Typically this should not be an issue if you are using preview as it correctly knows the table name. The only other reason could be the view model did not deploy correctly to server. If you see server log there may be exceptions describing the reason for it.



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            radhika Viswanath Newbie

            Hi Ramesh,

            Thanks for the quick reply. The preview data functionality alone is not working as expected.The VDB which was created with the view was working properly . When queried against the vdb ,its fetching the contents properly against the view table.


            I was working with jboss 5.1 GA+Teiid 7.6+ Teiid designer 8.2. Now am upgraded the server to EAP 6.1 aplha+Teiid 8.2 +Designer 8.2. When the server is started , am getting the following error.


            [org.jboss.remoting.remote.connection] (Remoting "pc281563:MANAGEMENT" read-1) JBREM000200: Remote connection failed:

            java.io.IOException: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

            Also am getting the "Unknow error" in web console.




                "operation" => "engine-statistics",

                "address" => [("subsystem" => "teiid")]





            Internal Server Error


                "outcome" => "failed",

                "failure-description" => "JBAS014884: No operation named 'engine-statistics' exists at address [(\"subsystem\" => \"teiid\")]",

                "rolled-back" => true


            No errors found in the server logs.

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              Ramesh Reddy Master

              Try with latest Teiid 8.6 version and if the problem still exists you can log an issue. My local testing does not show the issue.