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    JBPM 6 - getting started

    Jay Guidos Novice

      Hi All,


      I have been looking at JBPM version 6 and there are major changes, all of them seemingly quite good.  The docs however, are total chaos, and most look like they were whipped up on a Sunday night around 4 in the morning!


      Thats ok, I know you guys are working hard to upgrade them, but for now could you give me a few pointers on how to get started?  In particular I need to know:


      1. A working example project on how to use the new Runtime manager and/or CDI

      2. An example of how a BPBM designer and a developer would collaborate to produce a working process:

      • How to share artifacts?
      • Developer makes pojos and work items and needs to include them in Designer's project. 
      • Designer makes BMPN digrams that the developer needs to test - how to exchange them?


      Also, although Guvnor seems to have been replaced by Maven (repositories and projects) and Git (versioning), Guvnor is still deployed and used.  What role does it play now?


      I have tried to get the latest 6.1.0 snapshot to get up to date info, but at the moment it does not even build.


      Some pointers would be great!