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    JBOSS Fuse Documentation for CXF -CORBA Transport

    leofprince Newbie

      We are using JBOSS FUSE 6.0.0 and program it using Apache Camel routes.A new requirement has come to Proxy a CORBA service as below:


      System 1 ---> sends CORBA Request to--> JBOSS Fuse

      JBOSS FuseFuse -->Transforms to SOAP HTTP--> System 2

      System2 -->Responds in SOAP HTTP---> JBOSS Fuse

      JBOSS Fuse -->Converts SOAP to CORBA --> System 1


      Just needed your advise ,does anybody tried to use JBOSS Fuse/ Apache Camel as a CORBA Service consumer ?

      Came to know Apache CXF supports CORBA Transport , can we try to implement the usecase in CXF CORBA Transport ?

      Also Please help in providing link to JBOSS Fuse Documentation for CXF -CORBA Transport .