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    extendeddatatable ajax loading: How to automatically navigate to a certain row

    wlh Newbie

      Richfaces 4.3.4


      I'm using the rich:extendenddataTale with ajax loading (clientRows > 0).


      In my use case I allow the user in the extendeddatatable to scroll to a data row, select it and start workflow on this data row, which navigates him to antoher page.

      When the workflow is finished, the user will return to the page with the extendeddatatable, and should find it with the same rows in visible scope which he saw before leaving the page.


      Unfortunately the extendeddatatable always goes back to the very first data row when loading it again.


      I tried to solve the problem by storing the 'componentState' of the datatable in my backing bean (SessionScoped), but this does not work as the state is being reset when loding the table the second time.


      I also tried the property  'first' in the extendeddatatable, in order to enforce a certain data row is shown in the visible scope of the datatable when loading it a second time. This does not work for me as then scrolling upwards is no longer possible - first is considered as the very first row of the model.



      Do you have any hints for me?