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    Problem setting properties for a chunk step partition in Wildfly 8.0.0 beta1

    Anders Persson Newbie



      I'm looking into the new batch API and am now trying to get the J2EE 7 sample application phonebilling (https://svn.java.net/svn/javaeetutorial~svn/trunk/examples/batch/phonebilling/) to run on Wildfly. My partition mapper class is called and properties are being set there for each partition but when I get inside my reader class these properties are not set.


      This is the code to extract the properties in the reader class.




      JobContext jobCtx;



          public void open(Serializable ckpt) throws Exception {

                /* Get the parameters for this partition */

                JobOperator jobOperator = BatchRuntime.getJobOperator();

                long execID = jobCtx.getExecutionId();

                partParams = jobOperator.getParameters(execID);



      The partParams object above only contains properties specified on job level, properties set up in the partition mapper class is not set. One reader object for each partition is created so the partitioning itself seems to work.


      Can anyone think of a reason for this?