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    Multiple virtual servers on one JBoss 7 instance accessible by DNS & IP or computer name

    scarycomputer Newbie

      I am setting up a JBoss 7.1.0.Final instance where multiple applications will be hosted, each with their own virtual server.  Each application will need to be accessed through a DNS entry and the server's computer name.  Standalone mode is used and a Netscaler is used to direct traffic to two JBoss instances.


      I am currently testing with one application with the virtual-host set in the war's jboss-web.xml.  I added an alias to localhost to the virtual server element in the standalone.xml with no luck.  The application is accessible through the DNS entry, but not from the root i.e. http://server1/application-a.


      Below is an example of what I am attempting to setup:


      Application A


      Application B