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    Mod Cluster encoding Issue - Urgent

    Sandeep Saini Newbie

      We are using mod_cluster for load balancing out application. We have multiple servers connected within the application. Suppose , Server 1 and Server 2 are running Jboss , when the requests from Server 1 goes to  Server 2 , it goes through mod cluster.  Server 2 is exposing REST Web  Services.

      We are using @PathVariable of Spring Framework to get the path values from the URL being sent from Server 1 on Server 2.  When we use a value like " ー " in the URL. Mod Cluster does not decode it correctly.

      This character is encoded by spring at Server 1 and then the URL is sent to Server 2. Spring Framework on Server 2 will decode this and process the request. Mod Cluster is in between the requests and it does not correctly decode the UTF 8 encoding done on Server 1. Hence , the issue.


      We removed the mod cluster from between and made direct calls and the issue did not happen. So we are pretty sure it is mod cluster doing something in between.


      Please suggest.